East China environmental protection adhering to the "all for the customer, to create customer value" service concept to customer demand as the center, with first-class speed, first-class skills, first-class attitude to achieve "beyond customer expectations, beyond the industry standard"

Service description

East China environmental protection to provide environmental solutions, from the program design, product manufacturing, installation and commissioning, to the delivery of products after the use of maintenance, quality assurance, the maximum to meet customer needs, customer demand for diversification, and constantly improve the quality of service, The most suitable products, "product excellence, service sophisticated" is the pursuit of the goal of East China. The company implemented pre-sale, process, after-sale service, the "24-hour service", "advanced service", "the whole process of service", "life-long service" for the service criteria.

Service philosophy

All for the customer, to create customer value.

Service standards

Through the standardization, differentiation, value-added services to reduce the customer's psychological costs and the use of cost, and ultimately improve the customer's transfer value, profitability and purchasing power, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of East China's environmental protection services brand.

Service target

Exceed customer expectations, beyond industry standards.


Service engineers 24 hours on standby; received customer needs within 24 hours after the arrival of the scene, the failure is not processed, service engineers can not leave the scene, leaving the scene to be customer permission.

The country has a total of thousands of enterprises, tens of thousands of the company's dust removal equipment in use, the products throughout the cement, electricity, steel, smelting, chemical, gypsum board made, mining, furniture production and other industries, made such outstanding performance, Environmental protection and environmental protection in East China has been unswerving to take the road of the brand, strict quality of the inseparable, at the same time also accumulated a wealth of experience, able to deal with the different requirements of customers.

East China Environmental Protection in 2001 through the ISO9001-2000, ISO14000 system certification, the establishment of a set of guarantee system, a clear quality objectives, principles, plans; a special quality inspection departments, each process and semi-finished products were supervised and tested, East China Environmental protection industry is well aware of the product is produced, over the years has been the product of the standardized production, in strict accordance with industry standards for product design, manufacturing, and ensure product quality.

Quality goal:

- to develop new products, continue to meet user needs

- the implementation of international standards, a brand name products

- the implementation of total quality management to ensure that products manufactured pass rate of 100%

- Achieve quality commitment, customer satisfaction and rest assured

Quality Policy:

East China environmental adhering to the "everything for customers, create customer value" the service idea, take the customer demand as the center, with first-class speed, skills and attitude to achieve "exceeded customer expectations, and beyond the industry standard" service Goals.

Quality depends on quality: quality is the basis for winning customer trust, the quality of the formation process depends on the impact of quality control of all activities. Only the staff to establish the quality of the first, customer-centric thinking, pay attention to the quality of the process control, strict checks in order to stabilize product quality in order to win over customers in order to ensure the sustainable development of enterprises. Our employees at all levels must seriously understand and understand the quality of the connotation of the implementation of quality management system and continuous improvement. To ensure product quality to meet customer requirements, to ensure the realization of quality objectives.